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Jonathan Engle Nov 12, 2013

"How Great Will Be Your Joy"

This week's email will be short and sweet since I'm low on time.
Doctrine and Covenants 18:16
One funny story and one spiritual for this week:
So the marvelous adventures of a poor missionary's cooking never cease. This week I felt inspired to consume Chili Flavored Ramen. I wonder if that's just an El Paso thing...
Anyway, my companion, Elder Gawrych, laid out my fate before me, in his great wisdom:
"Did you bless it to nourish and strengthen your body? Or are you going to let it give you flaming hot diarrhea? Because those are your two options."
I believe this quote is an inspiring reminder of where our true Americanized-Ramen allegiances should lie: Chicken, Beef, and Pork. It's just that simple folks.
Spiritual Blast of the Week:
Doctrine and Covenants 18:16 is my theme for the week. I had the privilege of baptizing Brother and Sister Jones this week. It was an amazing service and my love for this family is overwhelming. No matter what sorrows or hardships lie ahead, for the next two years I can take great joy in knowing that this family has been brought into the fold of God. It is God's hand in all of this work. We are His humble hands.
Our Ward Mission Leader asked me at the Thanksgiving Dinner if I was excited. I don't have too many opportunities to really express how much joy I feel in this work sadly, so I was thankful for that simple question.
We find joy in the Gospel. Wickedness never was happiness. Our purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ and receive the Restored Gospel. There's no happier way to live, whether you're on a Mission or not. Members are key to our work and it can't be done without them.
Thank you to everyone for your efforts in perfecting the saints and doing Missionary work. We shall harvest blessings for an eternity.
Lots of love
-Elder Engle

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