Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Elder Jonathan Engle 10/29/2014 Teresina Arrives!

Teresina Arrives!

Dear People of Earth,

I know it´s a long time since I´ve sent an update. I´m thankful for those who read my updates. I try to keep them short and sweet, because I know how it is to be in a hurry.

Last week I was transferred to Teresina, Piaui, Brazil and called to be a Zone Leader. It´s been a wild ride, but it´s very rewarding as well. Teresina is incredibly hot, often hitting 107*Farenheit daily. The food´s pretty much the same but the streets are a lot cleaner. It´s a great place, but if you don´t like the heat, definitely stay out of the kitchen.

My new companion is Elder Massa, another cowboy from Rio Grande do Sul. He´s awesome! We´re very similar in likes, dislikes, etc. He studied music before the mission on a University level as well. I´ve already learned a lot from him. I´m going to grow a lot this transfer.

A spiritual experience that I decided to highlight was our leadership meeting with last week with President Siedschlag, in which we talked about baptism the entire meeting. It was very spiritual and really opened my eyes to the doctrine of Jesus Christ. 

My funny thought would be my cursed fan that I use. Here in Brazil, you have to use a fan, especially at night, because it´s so hot! We have one without a stand, so we have to prop it for it to work. My first day here, it was on full blast and started to fall. Instinctively, I grabbed it and caught it, but instead of saving my beloved fan, it reciprocated, cutting my finger open and slinging blood on my bed. Last night, I discovered there´s an open wire on it as it electricuted me. It always attacks me when it´s dark. What a blessing!

Anyway, lots of love to everybody. Sorry about the lack of photos. My mission bag was lost for a long time. I know where it is now, but it´s in the bus travel station pretty far from here now, which has all my photos in it.

Elder Engle

John 7:17
 17 If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine,whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself.

If you want to know if something is from God, or from Man, you can know for yourself. That is the test of our message. I´m am but a man with words, but the Spirit is what proves my words. If you want to know the truth, try my words, and you shall know that they are true.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Elder Jonathan Engle 10/08/2014 Conference, Bom Demais

 Conference, Bom Demais

Dear People of Earth,

General Conference was an incredible experience to say the least. It´s the closest thing a missionary gets to a vacation. We tried to bring as many people to General Conference as possible, but we had to watch it in the Stake Center here in São Luís, so it was far away from our area. Although, it was really cool to have some recent converts there at least. There was an English room for us, which was really great. It´s not that we wouldn´t have understood in Portuguêse, but I personally prefer the emotion in the voice of the speakers, etc. It was an unforgettable conference to say the least.

My scripture of the week is Joshua 10:12-14. In this story, Joshua literally stops the Sun and the Moon, and the Lord fights with him in battle. All of that was made possible by his faith. Faith is a word and idea of power. I really want to grow my faith, because that´s the key to success in life and as a missionary. 

On a funny side note, I´ve been tripping a lot lately, which has been very entertaining for my companion Elder Caetano (that´s my stab at a funny story for the week).


Elder Engle