Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Elder Jonathan Engle 10/08/2014 Conference, Bom Demais

 Conference, Bom Demais

Dear People of Earth,

General Conference was an incredible experience to say the least. It´s the closest thing a missionary gets to a vacation. We tried to bring as many people to General Conference as possible, but we had to watch it in the Stake Center here in São Luís, so it was far away from our area. Although, it was really cool to have some recent converts there at least. There was an English room for us, which was really great. It´s not that we wouldn´t have understood in Portuguêse, but I personally prefer the emotion in the voice of the speakers, etc. It was an unforgettable conference to say the least.

My scripture of the week is Joshua 10:12-14. In this story, Joshua literally stops the Sun and the Moon, and the Lord fights with him in battle. All of that was made possible by his faith. Faith is a word and idea of power. I really want to grow my faith, because that´s the key to success in life and as a missionary. 

On a funny side note, I´ve been tripping a lot lately, which has been very entertaining for my companion Elder Caetano (that´s my stab at a funny story for the week).


Elder Engle

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