Thursday, September 25, 2014

Elder Jonathan Engle 09/24.2014 Onward, ever Onward!

Onward, ever Onward!

Dear People of Earth,

Nothing too crazy this week other than the daily joy of our missionary work. My companion is continually awesome and this is definitely one of the best times of my mission. I like to think that today (meaning every new day) is the best day of my mission, because it´s the only day that I have control over.

Yesterday, we were walking in the street when I stopped in front of a group of men. I felt pulled in their direction and started talking with them. The men that weren´t interested left very quickly, but there were two that stayed. One of them was very familiar to me, as if I had already met him. I asked him if I´d already met him and he replied no. I talked more about the church and he confessed that he´d been baptized 18 years ago with his family when he was ten years old. The familiarity that I felt was the fact that he had already been baptized. I could see it, and I had been gravitated to it. He´s not currently keeping what he started, 18 years ago, but when we´re baptized, we change in a very real way. As we develop the gifts of the spirit, we are more capable to see these differences. Wow!

Elder Engle

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