Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Elader Jonathan Engle 04/06/2015 It Wasn´t Conference!?

It Wasn´t Conference!?

Dear People of Earth,

It wasn´t Conference!? Exactly! We didn´t watch General Conference this last weekend because there´s no way how to watch it from here in the middle of Maranhão. Every time it rains, the internet cuts out. We had our sacrament meeting, which was very spiritual. We only held two hours of meetings, because we don´t have professor or people to give or watch the meetings. 9am I gave a devotional about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. 9:30am President Barros, counselor to President Siedschlag, gave a training/testimony. For the Sacrament meeting, we had to disconnect the wall fans because they make too much noise to hear. We roasted for two and a half hours there,  but it was worth it. Sister Antônia gave a talk about religious liberties, I gave a talk about listening to the still small voice of the spirit and President Barros gave a sermon on miracles. What a meeting!

Our home is now clean of the thousands of spiders that lived downstairs and the baptismal font only falts ceramic to be complete. 

Elder Engle

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