Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Elder Jonathan Engle 04/13/2015 A Historic Week Indeed

A Historic Week Indeed

Dear People of Earth,
This was a very historic week. I don´t have photos yet, because they´re on my companion´s camera (which he forgot to bring to the Lan House today), but yesterday we had the very first baptism in Santa Ines, Maranhãol, Brazil. What a glorious day of miracles it was. There was very little water in the baptism font because our house doesn´t have water for most of the day. When our Mission President arrived for the baptism, there wasn´t enough water to baptize, but after he arrived, the font started to fill twice as fast. It was soon enough to baptized. We changed clothes and I baptized a young lady named Sarah. She had to lay down in the water to be fully immersed. I had to push her down to get her all the way under. When I tried to lift her up, it was harder than I thought it would be. I slipped and fell in the water as well. It wasn´t the most graceful baptism in the world, but it´s still valid!
On a side story, the other night when we arrived home, there was a large tarantula in our main room. If you kill them by squishing, etc. their hairs can explode and cause serious itching. We used my Axe deoderant and a lighter. Our homemade flame thrower made for a wonderful roasted spider, which we decided not to eat.

As of yesterday I am also the Group Leader for our Group Santa Inês. It was with another missionary couple, Elder and Sister Borges, but Sister Borges became very very sick and they´ll be returning to their home in the Rio Grande do Sul. It´s going to be a great challenge as we literally do everything now, but we have delivered this work in the hands of the Lord and He answers all of our prayers. What a joy it is to lose yourself in His holy work.
Elder Engle
P.S. The first photo is with Elder Borges and President Siedschlag. The second is the chicken that I cooked the other night. 

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