Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Elder Jonathan Engle 01/14/2014

It's Pretty Chile in New Mexico

Dear not-New Mexico People (most likely),

I've said farewell to good ol' El Paso and am serving in the Las Colinas ward in Las Cruces now with Elder Neilson and Elder Ryan. That's right. We're a tripanionship! It's not easy, but it's definitely going to be great!

This ward is very missionary-minded. It's miraculous what efforts are going on here. I'm very inspired to see the miracles going on in people's lives.

God bless you all, and feel free to ask questions, etc. I'm still waiting on a visa here in Las Cruces. Elder Ryan's a red head from Alabama and possibly grew up with my companion from the MTC. He's an awesome missionary and I respect him tons. He's our District Leader and is very spiritually-minded. I know I'll learn so much from him.

Elder Neilson is from Lincoln, California and loves anime, which means we're already tight. He's really chill, which is his self-proclaimed talent (it's true though, it's awesome). He's an epic dancer and has an amazing life story. He's had to overcome so much physical hardship to get to where he is now.

My new address is: 5475 Porter Drive #93, Las Cruces, NM, 88012. Letters are always appreciated!

This week has been a huge testimony builder of prayer. I've been praying a lot to receive help to develop these Christlike attributes that I need to be the best missionary possible. The other day, I was extremely frustrated and my heart wasn't in the right place. I got on my knees during dinner time at our apartment and prayed for a little over 40 minutes. I struggled to stay awake the entire time, but I poured my heart out unto God. I really spoke with Him. I know He softened my heart, is helping me to be more teachable, and is strengthening me in all things.

Special experience:

So with this new library that we email in, we get one hour to email before we're kicked off and have to sign up and wait in line again. After emailing for an hour, I was waiting to be reassigned to another computer. While waiting, a man came up to the desk lady and he started asking for help in Spanish. She didn't know any Spanish, so the man tried talking to another man waiting. He understood everything he said and denied to help him, knowing how to help. I started speaking in my broken Spanish, which is a mix of my experience in El Paso, my Portuguese, and four years of High School Spanish. I helped him for well over half an hour speaking in Spanish, helping him to sign up for an email and to look for work. It was a miraculous experience and he agreed to have Spanish missionaries come by sometime and speak with him about Jesus Christ.

I have a powerful testimony of the gift of tongues. It's real. It's all predicated on our faith in God to be fearless in our proselyting efforts. I'm humbled for the experience I literally just had.

Thank you for your emails. They mean the world to me. The experiences I have on my Mission are changing me more than I can describe. Every day is a tender mercy from our loving Father in Heaven.

God bless you all as we continue to serve God and Jesus Christ in these fabled Latter-Days!

Elder Engle


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