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Elder Jonathan Engle 05/14.2014 Knock Knock Knocking On Caxias´ Doors

Knock Knock Knocking On Caxias´ Doors

Dear People of Earth,

This week´s title is inspired from Knocking on Heaven´s Door. Elder F. Silva, our new District Leader, is teaching me to play guitar and it´s great. Obviously, I have very little time to do so, but nevertheless, I found it to be good. Now, down to business.

This past week was very busy indeed. Last week, my new companion Elder Falk arrived. He arrived after a day or two of me working in a trio with Elder F. Silva and Elder Gauthier. We worked Fri-Sun essentially. Even with that, most of our days had various problems and worked less than I´d have liked. Monday, Elder Falk returned to Teresina to have some exams done on his knees. Monday night at about 12:30am, Elder Falk arrived again with Elder Sheperd. Elder Falk was emergency transferred to the area of Elder Sheperd. Elder Sheperd is now my new companion from Chicago, Illinois, he´s very awesome indeed. Elder Falk was very awesome as well and it´s a bummer to see him go. Because of this past week and the rest of my mission before, I´m currently on my twelfth companion with a little over 8 months in the mission!

Today our District had a baptism (the area of Elder F. Silva and Elder Gauthier). It was a very special experience. Yesterday night, they checked the baptismal font and it was all filled and ready to go. After cleaning our house and eating lunch, we arrived, discovering that the font was nearly empty. Also, all the water in our house/chapel wasn´t functioning, so we were in a tough spot. We found 5 buckets and rushed between an outdoor water tank and the font, filling it as fast as we could. It wasn´t pretty, but we did it. We were all sweating a lot, wet from sloshing water, still confused why it wasn´t filled when we arrived. Immediately after having the baptism, which was very good, the water in the house/chapel worked just fine. The moment we realized this, I felt the spirit confirm that we were being tested. We were presented with a very frustrating, nearly impossible situation, but the Lord provided a way and we took it! It was a big testimony to me that the Lord truly tries us to see where we´re really at.

I love Alma 34:8-10 about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It is truly infinite and eternal. I love being a missionary here in Caxias. After two weeks of struggling work, we have tons of people to teach. The Lord is truly preparing a way for all of His sheep. God bless you all this coming week.

Elder Engle

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