Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Elder Jonathan Engle 05/21/2014 Twelve Companheiros!

Twelve Companheiros!

Dear People of Earth,

After a hectic past few weeks, I´m paired with Elder Shepard from Chicago, Illinois. He´s awesome and we´re working like crazy.

Cool Story:
So we have an investigator in Caxias named Gilberto. He´s involved with the radio and television here and he´s going to interview us on television in Caxias if we get approval from our Mission President, which is the coolest thing ever! I hope everyone in Caxias decides to tune in when we do it. I think we might be able to do it a few times. Not only is it awesome to be on TV (in a town with very few TVs), but it´s going to be really powerful in helping more people to get to know our church here.

Spiritual Thought:
I´ve been thinking a lot about faith this week and really applying praying with faith more. We´ve been working really hard in our district to have six baptisms on March 31, which is a huge challenge, because not much´s been going on. Ever since we decided to really focus in on hitting this goal, we´ve been seeing lots of small miracles working towards this. It´s really pushed my spiritual limits and I´m growing a lot. So much of what we do in life ties back to faith.

I´m really excited for Gutenberg and Italu, who should be baptized pretty soon. They´re both about my age and they were invited by a member to activities. After showing up a bit, they´re really feasting upon the words of christ. It´s a great way to do Missionary work is to simple invite people to things. When people get exposure to the church, the members and the missionaries, they can have a lot of good experiences.

My scripture of the week is definitely D&C 121 and 122. It´s been a big pick me up for me as well as a reminder of exercising Priesthood in righteousness.

Elder Engle

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