Thursday, September 18, 2014

Elder Jonathan Engle 09/18/2014 So It Begins... Elder Caetano!

So It Begins... Elder Caetano!

Dear People of Earth,

This week´s a really quick one! My new companion Elder Caetano is absolutely amazing! He´s actually teaching someone right now that I´m finishing my emailing. He´s from close to Porto Alegre and 21 years old. We´re seeing so many miracles in our work lately and are really excited to have Elder Leal to come visit us (A 70, of the area I believe).

I´m having a hard time writing in English but I´m okay with that. This last Saturday we had the baptism of Gabriel, the son of Rosangela. He´s living in a tough world and doing just great. He´s a great young man of 12 years.

My favorite study this week was Helaman 2:10-19. King Benjamin is an amazing example of using his Priesthood Authority. It´s an awesome read and I was so lost in the scriptures that I studied the first 20 verses of that chapter for 40 minutes!

Elder Engle

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