Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Elder Jonathan Engle 06/01/2015 Only in Brazil...

Only in Brazil...

Dear People of Earth,

The theme for this week´s email is: Only in Brazil...

Experience #1: We were walking quickly on the main avenue when we passed in front of a sound system shop. They hitched up on a trailer a massive sound system blasting a music about dancing like a praying mantis. As we passed, it was the only thing we could here. Various people around us were dancing to the music, including the people who were passing. It felt like I stepped into a Northeastern Brazil Musical.

Experience #2: On our way to the LAN House today an investigator stopped us in the street and showed us all the scriptures she marked in her Book of Mormon that we gave her on Saturday. She has a very strong testimony already and is doing missionary work with her friends. Her testimony was very convincing. This is a land of miracles.

Only in Brazil... shall be continued in the future as I have more time.

Elder Engle

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