Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Elder Jonathan Engle 06/09/2015 Itinerary Nada!

Itinerary Nada!

Dear People of Earth,
I received my travel itinerary but I´m ignoring that. This last Sunday we had a frequency of 36 in the sacrament meeting. It was incredible as various investigators (principally the men) went to the front to bear their testimony of the Restoration. It was an inspiring meeting as the Lord shared His sweet spirit with us. Yesterday night we had a family home evening in an investigator´s home. We got them really excited about the meeting and there were 21 people there, 17 of which are investigators. Almost all of them accepted baptism. The Lord is accelerating His work and doing a marvellous work here indeed. All we need to is believe.
I doubt any of you have done a move without vehicular help, but yesterday we had to move from our new home back to the church. It was our second move in two weeks. We carried everything walking including our fridge, cabinets, etc. Wow am I sore! What a priviledge it is to work hard in the service of the Lord. Many people have never worked a day in their lives. We have the priviledge to serve our Almighty God all day, every day.
Elder Engle

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