Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Elder Jonathan Engle 06/22/2015 The Last of the Americans...

The Last of the Americans...

Dear People of Earth,

It now being my last transfer. When my group goes home, there will be very few Americans remaining here in the Mission, being dominated almost entirely by missionaries from São Paulo. It appears, although isn´t 100% confirmed, that I´ll finish my mission in Santa Ines with Elder Walker, which is a great blessing indeed. Yesterday we baptized a family of six people that are very well prepared. It´s amazing how the people being baptized here are so strong already. It´s as if they´re powdered members, just add water.

This Sunday we had to maintain our frequency of at least 36. When I counted, we had 35. I prayed that the Lord could send someone to make our goal, when I remembered our neighbor Felizarda. We invited her to our meeting and she came, but when she entered, it was in the middle of a talk and yelled, "Hello everybody!" Everybody was startled, even Elder Gouvea who was talking was very startled. It was funny, although a bit sad, interrupting a bit of the meeting´s spirit, but she was really happy to participate. She´s going through cancer treatments and needs a new beginning in life. Now she´s found the right place for it.

Elder Engle

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