Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Elder Jonathan Engle 07/06/2015 Bela Sião Celestial!

Bela Sião Celestial!

Dear People of Earth,
We have a member in our group that´s very funny. She´s our Relief Society President. Her name is Sister Anthony. She´s a very aggressive and hilarious persona. She was doing a deep cleaning of the Church with her daughter and niece. She was complaining about problems in her family life in a very funny way when she said, "I always wanted to be a man, but the Lord didn´t let me. I wouldn´t have these problems if I were the man in this relationship!" It doesn´t help that she already has a deep manly voice.
This week there was a huge rain surge from nothing. We entered a hair salon to teach an investigator family when the tempest blew open the doors, flooding with rain. As the storm raged, I saw that our investigators were very non-believing. They were really stubborn. I was on an exchange with a new missionary that had arrived a week or two ago. He said he was very confused by what the man was saying and didn´t know what to say. I was talking with our leadership on the phone. The moment I disconnected, everything clicked in my head, lining up perfectly. I tried teach him with a calm conversation, but he was a very stubborn nonbeliever. I felt all my spiritual preparation from my studies that day come flooding to the surface and preached with great power. In spite of the great storm about us, as I testified of the Restoration, it was as if time stopped for us. My companion later said that he thought his Missionary Tag was burning, but it was the spirit within his chest. He´d never felt the spirit so strongly before. I had never taught the restoration before quite like that and was a great testimony of the truth of this work.
Never doubt. There´s no reason to. This work is true and that´s all there is to it. Dare to be Mormon.
Elder Engle