Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Elder Jonathan Engle 06/15/2015 Uma Meeting Especial

Uma Meeting Especial

Dear People of Earth,

Yesterday we had the baptism of Nayra and Roberio. It was a powerful meeting and they´re absolutely amazing. Nayra´s already given us many references and she fills out the pamphlets we give her full of scriptures that she´s studied. Roberio bore his testimony of the restoration in our last Fast and Testimony Meeting. Now they´ll be working hard as we grow here. This week we have the baptism of Luiz e Maria. We´re really excited because yesterday in church he brought himself, his wife and 9 others! We´re hoping to baptize his whole family this week. The Lord´s accelerating His work here in ways we´ve never imagined. A less active member in a neighboring city heard that the church is here in Santa Inês. He prayed asking how to know where to find the church and felt to get on a Motorcycle Taxi. He went searching in the city for an hour and a half before he found the church. I don´t want to imagine how expensive that must have been, but he will also be a great leader here and help with the growth of our Father´s kingdom here.

On a funnier note, many of the Brazilians here have given my companion the nickname "Cow drool" because when he´s thinking about other things it´s like he´s mentally drooling. My nickname basically means "Cat Face", because many people think that I act like a cat... The funny thing is, it also makes a Brazilian pun, because the word "cat" in Portuguêse is also slang for sexy... Anyway, everything´s great here as we continue in this gracious work.

I´ll try and send photos from the baptismal service from yesterday next week.

Elder Engle

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