Saturday, December 13, 2014

Elder Jonathan Engle 11/24/2014 Engle Engle Engle

Engle Engle Engle

Dear People of Earth,
It´s an interesting perspective on the world of media which we missionaries have. There´s some new song that plays a lot with a slow beat that says ´wiggle wiggle wiggle´ that seems to be popular. Cars sometimes blast it in the street, but the youth seem to really like it here. I doubt it sings anything very edifying, but in general, people here don´t truly understand English, so it´s fairly innocent for them. By matter of fact, the only way I learned about this music was from youth here who instead of singing ´wiggle wiggle wiggle´, started to sing the melody and then ´engle engle engle´. Apparently it´s my theme music. Que bom.
This week was very humbling for me. We worked our best to see results from our work. It seemed like everything fell through. Even Sunday morning, we organized on street with lots of investigators. As we were accompanying everyone that committed to come to Church, the news wasn´t very good. The first person had been drinking Saturday night, so they were hung over. The second house seemed perfect, as they were dressed for church and walking in the direction of the Church and confirmed with me that they were on their way there (which we later discovered that they never went.They most likely went to another Church instead). The third house simply wasn´t home. As we walked back to the Church, fruitless, within 50 meters of the Church, a man stopped by us on his motorcycle and said, "Is it okay if I visit your church today? I´ve always wanted to visit there but never took the chance." We affirmed with excitement, greeted him at the Church, and walked him through all the meetings. Everything went perfect with him. He loved everything. It was such a great miracle that, everyone we visited fell through, but a man very elect crossed our path. The Lord compensates for our efforts.
Elder Engle
P.S. There´s no Thanksgiving here, but I realized from my Mom´s email today that Thanksgiving is this week.. Happy Thanksgiving to all you American folk!
P.S.S. 39C in the photo is a little above 100F. That was just today, it´s gotten up today 44C when we´re there, which is about 112F. Enjoy the snow and we´ll keep sweating out another season of ´bros´, which is Setembro, Outubro, Novembro e Dezembro (September-December), the hottest time of year.

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