Monday, December 15, 2014

Elder Jonathan Engle 12/15/2014 Stake Conference, Opan Brasilian Style

Stake Conference, Opan Brasilian Style

Dear People of Earth,
This week we had Stake Conference, which was given from Elder Quentin L. Cook and a few other General Authorities. It was broadcast from Salt Lake City, UT through half of Brazil. I thought it was interesting how two of the authorities had served here in Brazil, opting not to use translators. They spoke very clearly and understandable, in spite of an incredibly gringo accent. It was a wonderful meeting that helped me to feel more of the Christmas spirit.
This Sunday we were very inspired to visit the address of where we believed a less-active member lives. We arrived, finding him and some friends. The member complained for a good 30 minutes, with little word from us. As he complained, I felt a lot of love for him and listened patiently. As the opportunity presented itself, I shared a scripture talking about the love and mercy of Jesus Christ. After sharing this message, one of his friends cried and cried. He had stopped going to his church for quite awhile, and it had touched his heart. He testified that we were sent there to teach him in that moment. He sang a song from the bottom of his heart that tore the tears right out of me. It was a celestial experience. As we reflected on the lesson, we hardly spoke of baptism but felt that he would, without a doubt, be baptized.
I love this work. Thank you and good night.

Elder Engle
P.S. As you may have noticed, I generally have very large eyes in my photos. My mom, some members of the church here, and Sister Siedschlag have taken note of this. Sister Siedschlag made a new mission rule that I can´t do that anymore (half joke half serious) and I have thus since repented (is it really a sin though). It is my unfortunate displeasure (please don´t cry fans) to announce that there will be little or no large eyes in future photos for the sanity and happiness of many women all throughout the world, but as a coincidental side-effect, I may look more handsome and beautiful in future photos. You have been warned.

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