Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Elder Jonathan Engle 07/24/2014 Zum Zum Zum!

 Zum Zum Zum!

Dear People of Earth,24

This week´s letters is fast and furious (yes, one of those films was in Brazil too!).

This week I began learning Capoeira, an ancient dance/martial art form of Brazil that is the coolest thing you´ve yet seen! The slaves disguised this martial art as a dance so that their owners wouldn´t stop them. This is how they learned to fight so they were prepared for revolutions they would do. It involves a lot of kicking and flips, etc. A less-active member brought a friend of his and we trained together. I will train with them every P-Day now! It´s a huge upgrade for P-Days, instead of sleeping in a net all day, but I´m incredibly sore to say the least. It´s great!

Zun, Zun, Zun Capoeira Mata um. Isso é música de Capoeira. Chiquezão!

Spiritual Story:
I was on a division with a member named Cristiano. We were walking in the street when I felt a name come to my mind of someone that we needed to visit. I instantly knew where to go, so we went there. When we arrived, not only was a woman we´d been looking for there, but her friend was there too. He talked with us for a bit, obviously incredibly intelligent. When I asked him if he´d seen the Book of Mormon before, he said he´d already read it, and then referenced many prophets and elements of the Book of Mormon. It was awesome! We´re teaching him in his home every day now. He´s incredibly intelligent, which is his triumph and downfall. He knows everything is true but is looking for a sign. Don´t look for a spiritual confirmation when you already have it! It´s incredible how The Book of Mormon was miraculously placed in his home. He just found it in a box and read it. He doesn´t even know where the contents of the box came from. God truly prepared a way for someone who would read his book to read it. I simply exhort all of us to exercise more faith, like this man needs to do right now. Ether 12:6 proves true time and time again. We receive a witness after the trial of our faith. For him, reading the Book of Mormon wasn´t a trial of faith. His trial of faith now is baptism.

I know that God is preparing people every day. Let´s go find them!

Elder Engle

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