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Elder Jonathan Engle 08/06/2014 Puocos Mas Fortes

Puocos Mas Fortes

Dear People of Earth,

Funny Story:
I´m happy to inform you all that I´m becoming well-known for my very big eyes, gollum and yoda impersonations, and ability to eat ridiculous amounts of food. After a recent fast, I was very hungry. I ate at Fabio´s, where they have a burger called the Big Fabio, which is 17 reais. I ate it in 15 minutes. Fabio himself was so impressed that he challenged me on the spot. He said if I ate 2 Big Fabio´s with 1 Liter of Coca-Cola, it´s free. If I didn´t eat it, I´d have to pay for three. I accepted and completed it. Afterwards, I then threw it up. He played dirty and made it a lot bigger than the original that I ate. He was incredibly surprised that I beat him. Free meal anybody? That was a classic, Brazilian eating challenge right there.

These past two weeks have brought many changes! I wasn´t able to email last week because of these changes. I´ve been called as District Leader and as a Trainer here in Cidade Operária. Last week we had meetings all week in Teresina. After a few days training, my companion asked to leave the mission and went home. I´m working with the Elder Polson and Elder Pires, who make up my district and house-mates. For now, I have no designated companion and they are my companions. It´s been crazy but I´m very happy to serve my district, despite the crazy challenges from the past two weeks. I´m a little under the weather right now, but I´m a very happy person right now.

My brief spiritual thought for this week is to look upon our foundation. Be it our first experiences with the church, or a life-time as a member of the church, what is our foundation built on? What makes up our foundation and what keeps it strong? What would it take to shake it? Is there anything that could shake it? If so, which is generally yes for all of us, then what are we doing to fortify our foundations? I´ve thought about this a lot, because it´s such a big aspect of our conversion to God. Helaman 5:12 still proves true, even after Seminary. It must be founded in Christ. We need to be willing to change in any way so that we can receive these blessings. I´ll be talking a lot more about Conversion and planning these next few weeks I feel. We are using a Conversion Planning in our mission that´s changing the lives of everyone.

I´m happy to be a missionary. I´m more than happy to be a missionary. I can´t imagine life not being a missionary, with or without a tag on my shirt. The Church is true and the book is blue (usually)!

Elder Engle

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