Friday, February 6, 2015

Elder Jonathan Engle 02/02/2015 Let´s Meat Together

Note from Parents:

Growing up, Jonathan always enjoyed and did well in English classes. However, he is now using only Portuguese on his mission. Months ago he mentioned that he was having trouble communicating in English and asked us to overlook and forgive any mistakes he may be making. This we are doing. Nevertheless, we couldn’t help but chuckle when we read the subject line of his February 2nd letter: “Let’s Meat Together” instead of “Let’s Meet Together.” We know his English will improve when he returns from his mission.


Let´s Meat Together

Dear People of Earth,
I love the Lord. I want to make that very clear. I love God.
Now that that´s out of the way, let´s talk about why. Story time: This entire last week we spent giving and receiving trainings in the Mission. We finished with three hours to work Saturday night. We did everything we could to help our best investigators assist a baptismal service that happened. One of them came, but the baptism was canceled. We had a lesson in the Sacramental Hall instead. It was very well focused. It happened like this: "Hey, we have bad news: The baptism was canceled." Boyfriend of the investigator, "That´s okay. We have news. Hey love, tell them the good news." Investigator: "This next weekend will be me and my son´s baptisms!" Talk about straight to the point!
It was incredible because we did nothing in our area. In spite of that, the Lord blessed us with many miracles, for which I am very grateful. Also, there were various experiences very spiritual.

Elder Engle
P.S. Attached are photos of where we had lunch this last Saturday. It was a paradise. We got off the bus in the middle of nowhere. It´s quiet there, which is something absolutely beautiful. Sweet, sweet silence.

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