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Elder Jonathan Engle 12/22/2014 Feliz Natal Gente!

 Feliz Natal Gente!

Dear People of Earth,
As we enter the Christmas week, it´s incredible to recognize how quickly time has passed. It seems as if yesterday I was arriving in Brazil. I´m already here nearly 9 months and I´ve been very blessed here by the Lord. It´s humbling to labor in His vineyard. It has to be humbling, because there´s no room for pride. When we decide to be prideful, we decide to stop progressing.
As I´ve mentioned in the past, we´ve been singing quite a bit as a missionary choir here in Teresina, Piauí, Brasil. This past Sunday we sang in a retirement home, which was very nostalgic of when I did a weekly service in a retirement home in New Mexico. I have great respect for the caretakers in these homes. Your work is to serve when in these positions.

There´s always quite a bit floating in my head, but I´ve come to learn a lot about consecrating your life to God. It´s a constant, taxing effort that is necessary for our salvation. Here, everyone has quotes like "Only Jesus Saves" or "God is faithful" on their cars and motorcycles, yet few people have trully come to know on a more intimate level who He really is. What a better life it is to live if we seek this out every day.
Christmas is without a doubt my favorite holiday. In spite of not having the usual Christmas flair, I´m happy. Happiness isn´t a question of location or status but of the heart and with God. I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas season with your families and friends, that everyone is conducted in safety to their locations and blessed with a stronger testimony that Jesus is the Christ.

Elder Engle
P.S. Don´t hestitate to write an email to an Elder in a distant hot land such as... the North-east of Brazil ;)
Foto #1: Elder Waltenberg found an altar of sacrifice on the way to lunch in the middle of nowhere.
Foto #2: On the left is a member that does goes on divisions with us a lot, Sebastion. On the right is Kall Magno, who left this week for Argentina.
Foto #3: I took this photo with Sister Neide, who helps Sister siedschlag with everything here in Teresina. We´re good buddies.

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