Monday, February 9, 2015

Elder Jonathan Engle 02/09/2015 It´s a Tie!

It´s a Tie!

Dear People of Earth,
As you are all seeing by these lovely photos, ties here are pretty cheap. These ties are from a company called Eternal (translated of course) which makes a pattern of tie that only exists here. These ties make me very happy. I also bought a light military cord net which will be great to use for camping after the mission. It feels like I´m floating when I use it.
Attached are also photos of the baptism that we had this week. In relation to this baptism, I want to emphasize the importance of members in missionary work. Members are more important in missionary work than the missionaries in my opinion, or at least in many aspects, that is the case. This family was prepared by here boyfriend for two years before we met her. I met her two weeks ago. She quickly confirmed her testimony of The Book of Mormon. Our ward is integrating her perfectly, and without a doubt she will make a difference here.
When the members do their missionary work, that´s when this work makes sense. That´s when it becomes natural. Two young men in the street challenging someone to be baptized isn´t the most natural way to preach the gospel. A member family inviting their friends for a well-planned family home evening with the missionaries present is much more natural.

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