Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Elder Jonathan Engle 2/18/2014 Diligence pays off in two ways.

Elder Jonathan Engle 2/18/2014

Diligence pays off in two ways.

Dear World,
Story #1: We met a golden investigator a few weeks ago. He's extremely muscular and very prepared for the Gospel. Just as things started to roll with him, he was arrested for 5 traffic violations he hadn't ever paid in an old town. Now he's going to lose everything, including his chance to listen to receive the Restored Gospel, for now. It's sad to see him losing so much, but I hope that missionaries will find him again after he's gone through his next refiner's fire.
Story #2: This week our area's exploded. Abbreviated miracle story time: We had awesome plans for Tuesday nights. Two great set appointments were lined up. About five minutes before the first one, they both canceled. As we pondered what to do, we immediately knew where we needed to go. We went to the home we had been prompted to. In our very first lesson with these two wonderful people, they both committed to baptismal dates for April 12th. The entire lesson was inspired.

It's been a miraculous time here in Albuquerque. There have been many challenges and it's been HARD WORK, but I'm actually kind of afraid to go to Brazil right now. If I leave too soon, I'm going to miss all the amazing people here in this area and all the amazing things that are happening. So many people have been prepared to receive the Gospel here. We are humble instruments in the Lord's hands here in the Academy Heights North area.
I love you all wish you best of luck in all your endeavors.
Elder Engle

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