Friday, March 14, 2014

Elder Jonathan Engle 03/14/2014 Shorter and Sweeter...

Elder Jonathan Engle 03/14/2014

Shorter and Sweeter...

Dear People of Earth,
Sorry again for yet another short email. The internet was down for all of Albuquerque this past Tuesday, so we only have one hour to email today.
Here's a few highlights and thoughts from my letter to my parents:

The September 2013 Ensign Article "His Grace is Sufficient" is kind of a personal highlight or theme for me this week. I confess that I cut it up and made it into a cover-planner, but it's beautiful! Also, my companion and I are working on having divine dignity with our language, so we made a list of words we're no longer going to use. When he messes up, he does two push ups. When I mess up, he gets a nickel. He's going to get muscular and rich to say the least. Although, I think I got the easier end of it.
I'd invite you all to have some personal introspection daily. Whether your life is fast-paced or relaxed, it's a great opportunity to truly ponder where we stand with God. Let the healing powers of the Atonement work within us all as we go about His business.
In other news:
My companion's healthier now! We had to stay in this past Saturday night, Sunday, and Monday. It gave me some cherished time to really study hard though. We're a bit lower on lesson numbers for the week, but we're making some serious progress with those we're meeting.
Brazil may be on the horizon. To be continued...

Elder Engle

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